Frostbite Invitation Winner – Tristan!

Congratulations to Tristan (TP) for winning the invitation to the 2012 Pitmaster Grand Tournament that was given away at Frostbite! For those who don’t know him, Tristan is one of the top fighters in the North and is easily one of the greatest challenges to Pitmaster Lanky’s 3-year term.

He has won an invitation to every PGT held thus far yet has only been able to participate in one. In that one tournament, however, he fought all the way to the finals before losing to Lanky 10-7. Some say that it’s only Tristan’s state of mind that keeps him from the championship – if he could match Lanky’s calculated approach to the tournament, he could have a much greater chance at stealing the title.

Will the Tristan fight this year? Will Lanky’s reign finally come to end? Bring your cameras and keep your eyes peeled at BOTD XVI for this man. He may very well be our next Pitmaster.

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Frostbite is on the way!

This post is rather late but it’s better late than never!

So Frostbite, Wolvenfang’s winter event, is just around the corner (less than a week) and there will be a Pitmaster Singles Tournament Invitation for grabs at the event! The invite will go to the top-ranking person across all styles in the tournaments held at the event. So you’d better bring all you got to this snowy show-down if you’ve got hopes of fighting in the big leagues, the 2012 Pitmaster Grand Tournament!

For all those who check this website before, here are the details about Frostbite!

When: Feb 4th - 5th, 2012
Where: Fielding Park, Lively Ontario
Event Cost: $15

***For those who don't know, you can sleep on site! Bring air mattresses and blankets though, because the floor is made of Frost Giants.***

Saturday, Feb 4th, 2012 

Time - Indoor / Outdoor

0900 - Arrival/Sign in/Pay/Tourney Sign Ups / Ditch Games
1100 - A&S #1 / Standard Class Shatter Game 1
1230 - ----------- / Standard Class Shatter Game 2
1400 - Eating times (Not Provided) / Tourney Single/Sword + Board   
1500 - A&S #2    / Castle Attack (Class)
1630 - Feast Prep / Tourney Florentine / Archery
1730 - Feast Start / ----------
1800 - Battle of the Sex's Comp / --------
1900 - Court / -------
2000 - Late Night Amtgard / Frozen Ditch Monkeys

Sunday, Feb 5th, 2012

Time - Indoor / Outdoor
0900 - Breakfast / Tourney Sign Ups
1000 - ---------- / Ditch
1100 - ---------- / Company Battle (Ditch Rounds)   
1230 - Eating Time (Not Provided) / ---------
1300 - --------------- / Tourney Pole/Open
1330 - A&S Free Time / -----------
1400 - ------------- / Quest
1500 - A&S #3    / -------------
1700 - Go Home!!

*****All Day events include Hot chocolate, Snacks, and Board Games*****
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The Font of Knowledge – 010

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Go go mini milestone! Our 10th comic! It’s a very small step but it’s something I’m proud of. The whole world just keeps growing in my mind everytime I write a new one and I’m sure that this story will … Continue reading

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The Font of Knowledge – 009

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It’s been a bit since my last update. I’ve been very busy with work and haven’t had free during a show to make these comics. Anyways, here’s a new one.  It’s wordy but it explains alot of stuff that will … Continue reading

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Pitmaster Grand Tournament Season 4 starts at Yule!

Caradoc Hold’s ‘Yule’ event is just around the corner and that means the Pitmaster Qualifiers kick into action once again!

The event will be taking place December 10, 2011 at Powdermills Park, Wadhams Lodge.

As usual, the winner of the main tournament that is held at the event will receive a singles invitation to the Pitmaster Grand Tournament. If no tournament is run, we will determine an alternative means of handing out the award.

Stay tuned for more details and check out the Pitmaster section for rules and details as the year progresses!

Finally, anyone who has ever earned a title through the tournament has received it in the ‘Group Affiliations’ section of their ORK page. Aside from the obvious ones, MEMBER indicates that you have helped run the Godstone Fair on multiple years and PITFIGHTER indicates that you have both qualified and competed in a Pitmaster or Gladiator Tournament.


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The Font of Knowledge – 008

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Click to view a larger image. Alright guys so I kicked up the resolution. Hopefully that makes things clearer on larger monitors now. In this comic, we see the conclusion of Sable’s first encounter with HeeHaw. It’s funny, but I … Continue reading

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The Font of Knowledge – 007

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In case anyone is wondering, I make one of these on days when I’ve got some free time but don’t have access to internet or I need to be able to quickly turn my attention elsewhere. Like during weddings or … Continue reading

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